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As young people living with HIV grow their sexual behaviour and it's implication on HIV prevention is of concern. “How will I ever find someone to love when i am HIV positive?” has always been the question asked by youths who are HIV positive in Nigeria. Isolation and stigma; not to mention the challenges of facing on-going health concerns and navigating how and when to disclose ones status are major obstacles youths (of marriageable age) living with HIV/AIDS are facing and this leaves them unmarried until they find someone of same status for purpose of marriage.

PLconnect is an initiative of JustCare Development Initiative; an online dating website that provides a forum for singles living with HIV/AIDS to meet and connect with one another. It’s a platform that will build a community of HIV positive singles for purpose of marriage and other psychological care and support.

Our vision is to build a community of HIV positive singles’ that are resilient enough to overcome the causes of their exclusions and sufferings in the society.

We may change or add additional terms to either the terms of use or the privacy policy specific to the PLconnect Website:

  1. if we alter the existing services we provide;
  2. if we add new services to the PLconnect Website or
  3. if we need to for security, regulatory or legal reasons.
We will give you reasonable notice in advance of implementing such changes by making a posting on the PLconnect Website. Where the changes are significant we may also choose to email our registered/verified users with the new details. Any changes to the terms of use or the privacy policy will not affect your membership as a PLconnect member.

By using the PLconnect Website you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


  • To reduce the level at which people living with HIV/AIDS are being discriminated and stigmatized mostly in a discordant marriage
  • To provide an opportunity where people living with HIV/AIDS that are single can connect with one another for psychological care and support
  • To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
  • To encourage concordant coupling among people living with HIV/AIDS
  • To develop a sustainable social enterprise and giving back to society through her CSR arm

Our Team

Our team is made up of young and vibrant professionals who have one way or the other worked with people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and understands the terrain. They are also experienced in the civic technology space and with their individual expertise, came up with this idea of creating a positive change as geared towards reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

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